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Technical features
  • Product Model:DC-026LBM-5A-2.5
  • Category:DC电源插座
  • 外孔:8.1
  • 防水级别:
  • 中心引脚:2.5
  • 外形尺寸:圆柱
  • 离安装面高度 (mm):16.1
  • 屏蔽:
  • 安装方式:面板安装
  • 方向:水平
  • 电气参数:5A 24V
Product Number and Description The state of production Shipment cycle Gross weight Unit price with tax Stock Order Quantity operation
在产 2周 0.000000 10 Sample Application

Industrial electronics, security, military, aerospace, automotive, communications medical, household appliances and consumer electronics

These are just some of the most common uses and do not include all applications.

  • 应用


产品材质Center pin:Brass  tin

Terminal 1:Brass  tin

Terminal 2:Brass  tin

Terminal 3:Phosphor Bronze   tin


Axle sleeve:Brass  tin

环境条件Temperature range:-20 °C/+70 °C

Mating cycles:≥ 5000

Insertion force:≤ 30 N  *1

Withdrawal force:3–30 N  *2

电气数据Contact resistance:≤ 30 mΩ

Rated current:5 A

Rated voltage:24 V DC

Rated impulse voltage:250 V/60 s